In my 80s

Thanksgiving month – November 12, 2020

56. Joy and I went downtown to the Harrison Center of the Arts to see Kyle Ragsdale’s latest work. During Covid days have cancelled public exhibits, but we, the only people in the gallary, could take him in. His artistic sensibility is way beyond my own comprehension.

That is, I look and see and marvel, but then turn to his earthscapes.

57. The pony tail enjoys its stall by a southern window.

58. Fig Newtons — bliss bites.

59. Morning frost and evening chill called for a patio fire.

60. And this bedtime cartoon from Del.


Friday, July 8, 2016

We’re at Winter Wood, helping out during two very busy days for The Juniper Spoon. Early this morning a big truck pulled into the drive by TJS kitchen.

“Am I at the right place?” asked the driver. How in the world did you find your way here. This is the end of the trail, I responded. “GPS.”

We hauled the large tub of chicken into the cooler. “How can you be so pleasant and upbeat?” I asked him.

“In this world of trouble …” he began and paused. I said immediately that I grieved the deaths from cops shooting blacks and we got into a discussion, largely about the ongoing dentures-old prejudice in this country.

I helped him maneuver his large truck back onto the stone road and he was on his way.

I grieve these deaths. I sorrow over our racial divide.

November 25 Thanksgiving

I am grateful for

  • the white dusting on Deutsche Kuche
  • gravity, or we’d all fall up
  • the women’s project in Ghana
  • wheelbarrows, the older the better
  • a friend in France who presses “like”
  • the words ferhoodle, slugabed, flummox, tommyrot and burble
  • repair techs who get it right the first time
  • musical language moving across cultures without the need of translation
  • slanted light on the window sill
  • two/three-way plug adaptors
  • snow flurries on November 21
  • algorithms although I don’t know how to step to them
  • Wallace Stevens the novelist
  • a glass of cold water
  • Del, who stopped behind a special-student school bus, watched a mother carry her teen-age son to the bus. The bus pulled away but Del didn’t. He went to the house and asked the mother how he might make that morning and afternoon carry easier. Oh, she wished she had a ramp, but it is too expensive. Del is making her a ramp. “The supplies cost only $500 that I got from a church fund.”
  • a nuanced discussion of gun ownership
  • white-breasted nuthatches that let me get close
  • Ted talks
  • a ten-year-old correspondence
  • Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”
  • people who welcome sojourners, refugees, displaced persons and immigrants
  • clerks who enjoy their jobs enough to say a genuine hello
  • midafternoon coffee with a fig Newton
  • memories of Farmall B and Bn tractors
  • light bothering to visit canyons and crevices and crannies
  • the Christmas cactus that gets its holidays mixed up


  • a house whose mortgage is paid
  • honest compliments
  • a full moon stuck in the walnut tree
  • a little bit of paint left over for touch-up
  • Grandpa and Grandma Hess, Grandpa and Grandma Good
  • My parents
  • My wife
  • My children and spouse
  • Our grandchildren
    Happy Thanksgiving to you.DSC_0035

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